Suicide and the death of inner peace

Raghav is a high-schooler in India. He is currently very busy since he is preparing for the competitive exams that will supposedly decide his future . Raghav has always been very interested in robots since his childhood , he had an army of tiny , cute robots when he was a young lad ; so becoming an engineer was a natural choice for him .Raghav usually spends a majority of his time studying , preparing and revising for the exam he has to face. Engineering is a big deal in India , most parents either want their kids to become doctors or engineers so studying all day is highly advisable and considered common .Most students do not get any recreational time to pursue other activities since the pressure to study and get good grades is really high. Although Raghav wants to become an engineer but he just does not understand what is being taught in the classes and the pressure is not helping.Time is really moving slowly for him , telling his parents that he is not happy is not an option since they will just tell him that it happens to everybody , there is nothing to worry about and that he should just keep on trying the best he can .The D-day comes closer, it’s either do or die and Raghav is ready or at least he thinks he is .In the examination hall every sound is blasting canon , he is tense and it is really difficult to concentrate ;by the end of it , he hardly gets any considerable work done and he knows that he is done , that he can’t do it anymore .The hard work of two years all wasted , all that he has sacrificed is in vain.

He comes out of the examination hall exhausted , lost , almost on the verge of a breakdown. Mom and Dad are waiting outside in the car to take him home.He tells them what happened and gets lost in the turbulent storm of revolting and dangerous thoughts.He gets back to his home , hurt and unrepairable .Raghav lives in a building like a large part of the population in his city. He goes to the terrace to get some fresh air , some new thoughts , some hope. His Mom doesn’t think much of it since it is not something to think about ,but Raghav does not comes back done ,not by the stairs .

Suicide has become a leading cause of death around the world. Globally, close to 800,000 people die from suicide every year, that is one death in every 40 seconds . Studies done on the number of suicides suggest that the number will go up further resulting in one death in every 20 seconds. Why do so many people commit suicide? More importantly why is someone compelled to harm themselves ? How can we help people who have the tendency to so self -harm?

And finally , how can we reduce the number of suicides happening?

In the modern world with all it’s technology and wonderful machinery the world is rapidly moving faster and faster , each day is a discovery and progress is the name of every invention.But all discoveries are not fruitful and all inventions are not productive. Modern world is a place jammed with information , data , photos , tweets . The air smells of apps notifications , messages and phone calls .Everyone is connected to everyone and everything . The goal of each individual is to contribute in moving towards a fantasy , a future we all think of but may never be . Each individual is compelled to get a job , become an entrepreneur , be a movie star ,become a travel blogger. Everyone is obsessed to do something and each moment gone is the cause of despair in the next hour . There has been a slow death of inner peace in the age of external validation and materialism .

Our minds are completely filled with information and there is no space to break away from the compulsive cycles of watching , learning and repeating what the information tells us to do .

People tend to hurt themselves when they are unhappy , dissatisfied or depressed . Suicide does seem a reasonable choice to end the rigorous flow of hurtful thoughts that an individual has no control over .Having no support system, no one to really understand them ,many people think its better to kill yourself rather than getting hurt by the constant barrage of false dreams and hopes of an un-inclusive future.

Solving the crisis of suicide is not an easy task , but nonetheless it is a task for the world to solve. We can start helping those in need by learning to listen , to really understand their urge to hurt themselves. We, as a global society need to be inclusive of people that are hurt or traumatized . We need to restore inner peace and the idea of being okay with your thoughts , your tendencies and your capacities. We need to tell people that they alone have the ability to transcend their thoughts and self harm , and that talking about it is okay and natural . Setting up places where professional help is easily accessible is another great practice to reduce suicides . In conclusion , opening up our schedules for the ones we love and telling people about inner peace , satisfaction and meaning is the least we can do .

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