Announcing EssayMash January 2020 Essay Competition

We’re excited to announce the launch of this month’s EssayMash essay competition. To participate, write an essay answering the question “What is the most important issue of the decade that did not receive enough attention?” and submit it via

We will judge essay entries based on originality, persuasiveness and structure. The prize? PayPal USD transfer or Bitcoins!

  • 1st prize: $100
  • 2nd prize: $50
  • 3rd – 10th prizes: $25


We are looking for essays that:

  • Answer the question persuasively and directly
  • Construct a direct and coherent argument
  • Are structured in an organized way
  • Exhibit originality of thought

Essays can be submitted by January 31st, after which we will publish the question for the February’s competition. We will announce the results for the January competition by the February 14th. The winners will then receive prizes and certificates. We will also post the winning essays on EssayMash.

We invite everyone around the world to participate in the competition. Check out for more information — spread the word! We look forward to reading your essays and hearing your voice.

2 thoughts on “Announcing EssayMash January 2020 Essay Competition

  1. Hello please! I had my essay submitted yesterday, however, it’s not appearing in the table of the submitted essays. Kindly let me know if it would still appear on the list of the submitted essays.


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